Your Digital Partner In Growth

With Cross, we empower healthcare innovators to connect with doctors and other stakeholders to amplify their impact and help them create value throughout the care ecosystem.

Your Digital Partner In Growth

India’s largest network of doctors

  • Over 450,000 qualified medical professionals
  • 100+ specialties
  • Spanning 3500+ cities and townships
  • Includes modern medicine and AYUSH practitioners

Power to your brand

Leverage our powerfully connected ecosystem to engage with doctors through digital campaigns. Deploy measurable, focussed and ROI driven campaigns with zero wastage.


We specialise in marketing to doctors with a wide array of solutions that address both immediate and long-term brand goals of our partners.

Advance your brand growth goals with our targeted marketing solutions.

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A legacy of successful partnerships

Our solutions have helped leading global healthcare brands exceed their marketing goals many times over, campaign after campaign.



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