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Transform your approach to care from reactive instance-based to proactive, continuous care

e-Consult: Offer patients the convenience of consulting with your doctors from the comfort of their homes, through secure, compliant, and payment-enabled video consultations.

Chat: Use post-consultation chat with doctors while ensuring both doctor privacy and patient convenience.

Trackers: Set standing instructions for self-monitoring of relevant body vitals for patients.

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While simplifying OPD Operations

Automate and simplify care delivery through an easy-to-adopt platform that is loved by both permanent and visiting doctors

Appointments: Universal appointment management system that integrates with your websites, partner sites, social pages, and all other platforms.

Care Note: Intuitive system for documenting medical information generated at the point of care as machine-readable rich data in globally standard code sets.

Billing: Easily configurable billing module with subjective configurations for your billing needs.

Analytics: Automated reports and administrative dashboard for tracking patient flow and identifying actionable performance insights.

Support: Dedicated support team for on-boarding, training, and solutioning.

Make OPD management effortless for your doctors and staff

While simplifying OPD Operations

Home Care Programs

Connected care packages for targeted interventions that extend to in-home care and monitoring, such as:



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