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No matter what your role in the healthcare ecosystem may be, Cross provides a solution to simplify care delivery for you.

Digital Care

The Cross digital Care Note allows medical information to be generated and stored electronically, enabling pioneering care solutions:

  • Faster clinical data capture
  • Shareable 360° view of patient history
  • Technology-aided care decisions
  • Future-ready for regulatory compliances
Digital Care

Continued Care

Continued Care

Cross enables continued care through a host of connectivity features that deliver better care outcomes and patient convenience:

e-Consult: Timely follow-up consultations over live video calls.

Chat: Patient messaging with access control configurable by the doctor.

Trackers: Close monitoring of patient vitals.

Connected Care

Providers (Doctors & Hospitals): Grow your practice by connecting with a large under-served patient population.

Payers (Insurers and Employers): Easily enable affordable and accessible care.

Partners (Healthcare Brands and Service Providers): Leverage downstream service opportunities that generate value across the ecosystem.

Connected Care

Your Entire Practice, Digitized

With end-to-end features across all your clinic's workstreams, Cross lets you improve your entire clinic's administration.

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